• [SSDN] HF Bandsweep with the Hammarlund HQ-100 (video)

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    SolderSmoke Daily News

    HF Bandsweep with the Hammarlund HQ-100 (video)

    Posted: 25 May 2022 03:37 AM PDT http://soldersmoke.blogspot.com/2022/05/hf-bandsweep-with-hammarlund-hq-100.html

    It has been a while since we last did a bandsweep. Too long. Here is one using my recently fixed up Hammarlund HQ-100. Repair details are in recent videos.
    For this bandsweep we cover most of the HF band and even briefly dip down
    into the AM broadcast band:
    Demonstration of the Hammarlund HQ-100: Radio Marti, 40 meter AM, 40 Meter SSB, 40 meter FT-8, 40 meter CW with and without the Q multiplier,
    classical music on WRMI, WFAX 1220 kHz AM, WWV 20 MHz, CB!, 17 meter SSB,
    the 20 meter BS position, the effect of AVC and the Noise Limiter, SSB
    with the internal BFO and with the Q multiplier as BFO. CW with the
    internal BFO AND the Q multiplier.
    Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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