• [SDARC] RSGB May 144 MHz Contest 2022

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    Swindon & District Amateur Radio Club

    RSGB May 144 MHz Contest 2022

    Posted: 23 May 2022 12:59 PM PDT https://www.sdarc.net/2022/05/23/rsgb-may-144-mhz-contest-2022/

    This past weekend SDARC took part in the RSGB 144 MHz May contest. We ran
    3 stations from the site and operated them for 6 hours each but spread over
    the 24 hours. There was a contingent of around 15 members helping to set
    up and/or teardown. The weather was very kind to us and fun was had by
    all. I expect everyone learned something that weekend as lots of tips and tricks about all kinds of things were being shared throughout the weekend.

    The club entered a multi-op entry as M4W whilst Andy (M1G) and James (M1N) entered single op entries. As in previous years, there was a battle
    between Andy and James to see who could score the most points. Given both
    were using the same hardware and software, it came down to operator style, operating slots and a little luck. At the end of the contest, they both
    had the same number of mults and a QSO count separated by 4. With raw
    totals, Andy pipped James. Lets see if it changes after adjudication.

    A solid effort from the M4W team where some of the operators had not
    computer logged before.

    Thank you to all the club members who took photos and supplied them for

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