• [WB4SON] Silver Medal for CWT 2021

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    Silver Medal for CWT 2021

    Posted: 20 May 2022 10:51 AM PDT

    A few days ago I received a package in the mail from CWops.  It contained a Silver Medal Participation Award for 2021.

    CWops does a lot to further interest in Morse Code.  To begin with they
    offer a very comprehensive education program designed to get those with no
    CW experience up to conversational speeds of 25 WPM and higher. (I was
    proud to teach one of the beginner classes this winter).

    A very popular event is their CWT (CW Tests).  It is a one hour long CW
    sprint where folks send their name and CWops Member number as an exchange.  Its held on Wednesday at 1300 & 1900 UTC, as well as Thursday at 0300 and
    0700 UTC.  I usually try to make all four, but sometimes, depending on what
    I have going on Thursday morning my time, I might skip the 0700 one.

    Last year, I participated in more than 90 CWTs, and therefore earned the
    Silver Medal.  This year, Im on track to complete 120 CWTs before the end
    of August, which will earn me the Gold Medal.

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