• [SADARS] 19 May 2022 - Remote SDRs by Don, G4LOO

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    19 May 2022 - Remote SDRs by Don, G4LOO

    Posted: 20 May 2022 04:12 AM PDT

    Don began with a look back at some early SDRs (Software defined
    radios),  their parameters and some of their short comings with regard to frequency and operations.  He pointed out that the easiest way to locate an SDR connected to the internet was to use the popular online search engine.

    Don had two laptops for the presentation, one connected to the internet and
    the other presenting the video projected programme
    The KiwiSDR

    Don said that one of the most popular on line SDRs is the KiwiSDR. He
    pointed out that the KiwiSDR is different from other SDRs. It is a
    standalone device that attaches to a local network and can be accessed
    through the Internet. A browser is used to connect to the user interface.
    Most other SDRs generate raw IQ data and need to be connected directly to a
    PC or laptop running OS-specific  installed software.

    It is possible to access over three hundred KiwiSDRs right now at the site rx.kiwisdr.com The owners of these Kiwis have made them publicly available. Once on the page, you will see there are quite a few SDR sites
    to choose from. Most will show the aerial in use: its this writers opinion
    that some are not very good at real DX.  However, some stations have full
    size dipoles and one in the US has a 500 foot Beverage pointing toward
    Europe. Station VE6JY at Lamont, Alberta Canada has 17 aerials (by my
    count)  and you can find him easily as hes second on the list.

    At the top of the SDR list you will see a green button marked KiwiSDR Map
    which will take you to a map of the world showing all the KiwiSDR stations around the world!  Believe me, you can spend many hours searching these receivers!
    A small section of the KiwiSDR map showing station locations

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