• [CARA] Fun Field Day Report - 22/23/24 April

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    Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association

    Fun Field Day Report - 22/23/24 April

    Posted: 16 May 2022 07:22 AM PDT https://g5bk.uk/2022/05/fun-field-day-report-22-23-24-april/

    Another highly successful field day was the general conclusion at the end
    of the weekend camp on Cleeve Hill in spite of the chilly and windy
    weather. The event started on the Friday afternoon with the erection of a couple of gazebos and a mast. And with the positioning of the club’s newly acquired “portaloo” in a quiet spot.. A few of us stayed overnight and were joined by a few more for a superb breakfast cooked by Rich M0XRB.

    Most of the weekend’s activity took place on the Saturday with a good
    number of members turning up to play radio or just to chat and drink beer
    or cider. One of the highlights was the WW2 military truck owned by Tony
    G3YYH and Martin M0MGA equipped with a fully working station – a Wireless
    Set No12 transmitter and an R107 receiver which was put to good use on 80m
    AM. Tony and Martin accompanied by Rich M0XRB will be taking the truck to France in June for this year’s D-Day celebrations in Normandy by which time Tony’s WS52 equipment, which he spoke about at our April meeting, will also be fitted into the truck. (Hopefully we’ll have more information about
    this trip nearer the time.) Another highlight was the HexBeam erected on
    site by Peter M1TCP – and very impressive it looked too. He worked some interesting DX in the couple of hours that the antenna was up in the air.
    Mike G8NSZ was active on QRP for much of the weekend with either an FT817
    or an IC-705 and with end-fed wires in inverted V configuration. Although
    the antennas were only some 4m high at the apex, Mike worked across the
    pond to North America as well as all around Europe. Mike G4GHL spent some
    time operating the club’s station, signing G5BK/P, and he too made a number of interesting contacts mainly (all?) on CW. Other members operated from
    their cars or with hand-helds, so plenty of RF was generated on the site
    during the weekend. Some kite flying took place but none supported an
    aerial. Saturday afternoon/early-evening saw us joined by family members
    and friends for the customary BBQ with a seemingly endless supply of pizzas cooked by Smurf M0URF. Chatting and drinking went on until late into the
    night – for a few at least!

    Sunday was lower key but members still turned up to chat and play radio.
    We started to dismantle the camp around mid-day and by 3pm we had packed
    up, were clear of the site and on our way home.

    It was a great weekend. Records show that at least 24 members visited the site, plus three radio visitors and eight family members and friends. Considering the poor weather conditions that’s a good attendance. Many thanks must go to the organisers: Rich M0XRB, Smurf M0URF, Tony G3YYH and
    James 2E0RLE and to their many helpers, especially those who turned up to
    help with the “uping” and the “downing” of the camp. They all did a great
    job. We look forward to the next Fun Field Day – 16th, 17th and 18th September. Let’s hope for better weather.

    May Meeting

    Posted: 16 May 2022 06:04 AM PDT

    In a change to the previously advertised meeting, on Thursday 19th May
    members are now invited to bring along something or somethings from their shacks which will be of interest to other members.  May be something old,
    may be something new.  May be something built.  Maybe a useful software package. May be pictures of shacks or antennas, now or from the past. 
    Photos of past club activities would be good to see.

    Please do bring along something and let’s have a successful meeting with plenty to see and chat about.

    April Meeting Report

    Posted: 16 May 2022 06:00 AM PDT https://g5bk.uk/2022/05/april-meeting-report-3/

    Last month Chairman Tony G3YYH spoke to us about his ex-Army Wireless Set
    No52 and the work he had done to restore it from a “wreck” rescued from a junk yard to a fully working piece of equipment.  This involved a good deal
    of time, effort and ingenuity including the building of a completely new
    power supply unit and the construction of a cabinet to house the three
    separate units – transmitter, receiver and power supply.  The cabinet was made from steel sheet and angle  and was appropriately heavy, very heavy!  Tony entertained us well not only with the description of the restoration project but also with interesting radio related stories.  Our thanks go to Tony for a fascinating and enjoyable meeting.

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