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    The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

    Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2216


    The W5JGV Loop Antenna , Square Halo Antenna for 10 and 20 Meters, WebSDR
    Roma2 Online Radio, Magnetic Loop HF antenna, Ham Census, PhotoQSLs, EDI
    Log Format,

    FDS - QSL production has ended


    FDS have ceased the production of QSL cards as of 1st May 2022.

    3D Printed Twin Paddle Cw Key


    Technical Reference/3D Printed Projects
    A simple 3D Paddel CW Key made of plastic with a standard 3d printer

    The Paper Radio


    DX Resources/QSLing/QSL Galleries
    In the meantime he flees, flees irrecoverable time (Virgilio) Journey
    into the past to discover my paper collection dedicated to radio and

    IU1FIG Italian Amateur Radio Station

    Posted: https://www.dxzone.com/dx34844/iu1fig-italian-amateur-radio-station.html

    Ham Radio/Personal Pages/Europe/Italy
    My name is Diego, I was born in Cassino, italy in 1980 and moved to Terni
    in 1991 and then to Recco (Genoa) in 2007. I have started my ham radio
    station in 2015 and I am member of c.i.s.a.r. section of Genoa. Developer
    of the MapForHam project, the map for radio amateurs.

    Buddipole Dipole Assembly


    Radio Equipment/HF Portable Antenna/Buddipole
    Rob, VK5SW shows the simple assembly of the portable Buddipole multiband
    dipole antenna.

    Code Practice Oscillator


    Technical Reference/Morse Code Oscillator
    A great little device on which you can practice your Morse Code skills. It
    is simple to build and easy to use. All you need are two 3V coin batteries
    and your knowledge of Morse Code.

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