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    My Amateur Radio Life

    New Pota Activation

    Posted: 11 May 2022 03:36 PM PDT https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2022/05/11/new-pota-activation/

    Now I havent really been blogging much, mostly because I have been spending much of my radio time just hunting the elusive pota stations. Its been
    going quite well and so far I have worked just over 1100 individual parks
    in 6 different DXCC entities all from the comfort of my shack.

    But you remember me mentioning the arrival of my new QRP rig and today I decided to take it out for its second trip. I also brought out my
    SotaBeams wire antenna and used my MFJ 33 foot long mast to use the antenna
    in the vertical configuration

    We went to Lemoines Point in Kingston and activated VE5141 and did it with
    5W and a wire

    The band conditions seemed much better before I left but I did manage to
    get the necessary 10 contacts to complete the activation

    The weather was good but the bands were rough and I honestly wonder how
    those activators manage to give me all the parks I have been hunting Its
    much easier to hunt. more comfortable as well

    See you later and dont forget to:


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