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    Posted: 07 May 2022 12:30 PM PDT

    Episode 399 - John Raydo - K0IZJohn Raydo, K0IZ, had a great mentor at the beginning of his ham radio story that laid the foundation for Johns
    approach to operating amateur radio and building radio equipment from
    scratch. John shares this story and how he now remotely controls and has
    the noise benefit of his rural Colorado rig when operating from his QTH in Missouri. K0IZ is my QSO Today.Show NotesSponsor TranscriptListen to PodcastOur Listener SponsorsThis list is the total amounts contributed as sponsorships and/or donations since Episode 1 in July 2014. Only those who agreed to be publicly recognized are on the list below. This list does not include Buy Me A Coffee contributions.
    Hometown: Kansas City, MO

    Elmer: Jim McCoy W0LQV

    First License: August 1957, Novice KN0LMZ
    Upgrade: Technician Class, K0LMZ

    First Rig:
    QST Getting Started 6AG7 Novice Transmitter
    Hallicrafters S-40B Receiver
    Low Dipole 40/15 Meters

    Current Rig:
    Collins KWM2 Transceiver
    Remote Control: Elecraft K3 HF Transceiver
    Homebrew 20 Meter, 13 Tube Transceiver

    Alan B. DuMont, TV Pioneer
    Oatmeal Box Radio
    Cats Whisker Detector
    Dixie Cup Telephone
    Tree House
    Telephone Party Line
    Master Machinist
    Wire Recorder
    Popular Electronics Magazine
    Popular Science Magazine
    CW - Morse Code
    National Radio HRO50 VHF Receiver
    2 Meter AM
    Gonset Communicator
    FCC Field Office, Kansas City, MO
    Rockhurst University, Kansas City
    University of Detroit, BSEE
    Trans World Airlines, TWA, Kansas City
    Airline Headset with Tubing
    Boeing 707 Aircraft
    National NCX3 Transceiver
    400 HZ Toroid Transformer
    Single Side-band Modulation
    Phase Shift Single Sideband Modulation
    Gonset GSB-100 Sideband Modulator
    BC348 Receiver
    American Airlines
    Electric Radio Magazine
    Covid19 Pandemic
    Drill Press
    Band Saw
    Metal Brake
    IF Transformers
    RCA 813 Tube
    Push-Pull Amplifier
    Grounded Grid Amplifier
    Intermodulation Product
    Tube Getter
    1948 Milin Grid-dip Meter
    HP Frequency Generator
    Frequency Counter
    Rubidium Frequency Standard
    Aviation Headset
    Dave Clark Headset
    Electret Microphone
    X10 Remote Control
    Long Wire V Beam
    QSO 2005 V Beam Antenna
    Johnson Country Amateur Radio Club, W0ERH.org
    Colorado QSO Party

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: bring new and young people
    into the hobby.

    Excited most by: special events, like National WW1 Museum, WW1USA, special event station.

    Advice to new or returning hams: find a good and active club in your area.
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