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    Compact Digital Mode USB Interface. DigiLink Nano is a very compact digital mode Ham Radio interface to connect your rig to a computer or tablet and
    run virtually any digital mode like PSK31, RTTY, FT-4/FT-8/JT-9/JT-65,
    Olivia etc.

    The Vertical Buddi Beam for 20m


    Antennas/20M/20 meter Vertical Antennas
    The Vertical Buddi Beam on 20m using no Coils. n this article I am going to describe a totally new way to construct and use a very old design the two element Yagi antenna. Unlike the traditional Yagi this design does not
    require a Tower or a boom, it is 100 percent portable and most important
    high- performance and easy to assemble using standard Buddipole components.

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