• [SADARS] 28 April 2022 - The Story of a Cobweb, by Don, G4LOO

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    28 April 2022 - The Story of a Cobweb, by Don, G4LOO

    Posted: 29 Apr 2022 07:09 AM PDT

                    Dons Finished Cobweb

    During the lockdown, Don wanted  a better aerial for use while at home. He looked at the original design of the Cobweb by  Steve Webb, G3TPW but
    decided to build the improved design by Steve Hunt G3TXQ (SK) which uses
    single wire dipoles and a 1:4 Guanuella current balun which simplified the overall design.

    Using his own design for the centre mount, Stauff Clamps were used to hold
    the four glass fibre tubes in the necessary X format mounted on a nineteen
    inch square of aluminium.  Don explained how he made the choke using eight turns of twin cable on a FT140-61 toroid.

    The aerial is mounted on a pole attached to the side of his house; the
    mounting allows the pole and aerial to be tipped over into his garden when required and as the aerial is omni directional, there is no need of a

    Of course, the Cobweb works very well, as his results in RTTY contests
    show, and all with only eighty watts of power.

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