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    GB100BBC QSL cards

    Posted: 28 Apr 2022 04:11 AM PDT https://vk5pas.org/2022/04/28/gb100bbc-qsl-cards/

    A couple of eQSLs received for working GB100BBC, for the 100 years of the

    A great couple of weeks of DX Hunting & Chasing

    Posted: 27 Apr 2022 09:19 PM PDT https://vk5pas.org/2022/04/28/a-great-couple-of-weeks-of-dx-hunting-chasing/

    Over the past couple of weeks, Marija VK5MAZ have been lucky to work a
    number of overseas SOTA, Parks, and Castle activators. These have all been
    on the 20m band where conditions have been very good.
    Below is a selection of those we have worked.
    WEDNESDAY 27th APRIL 2022.

    IQ5QO/p DCI-PO029 WCA-i12223

    Danny OT4V/p ONFF-0614

    IQ5QO/p DCI-PO023 and WCA-i07481

    Duncan MM5AJN mobile

    Fraser MM0EFI/p SOTA GM/ ES-065

    TUESDAY 26th APRIL 2022.

    Miroslav OK1CYC/p HEMA OK/ HST-030

    Alain EA2/F5ODQ SOTA EA2/ NV-036

    Danny OT4V/p ONFF-0780

    Lorenc EA6KB/p SOTA EA6/ MA-047

    Dave G4AKC bicycle mobile

    Above:- Dave G4AKCs bicycle mobile setup.
    FRIDAY 22nd APRIL 2022

    TM2IF SOTA FL/ VL-071

    Miroslav OK1CYC/p HEMA OK/ HST-002
    His 1st VK HEMA contact.

    Mikhaiil LY2BIS/p LYFF-0320

    TM2IF SOTA F/ PO-207

    Rick 2E0FRS pedestrian mobile

    Rob 2E0AOO pedestrian mobile

    Steve G4NVF bicycle mobile

    Dave G4AKC bicycle mobile

    Fraser MM0EFI/p SOTA GM/ ES-068

    THURSDAY 21st APRIL 2022

    Steve G4NVF bicycle mobile

    Dave G4AKC bicycle mobile.
    MONDAY 18th APRIL 2022.

    Micke F4HZR/p FFF-3221
    1st time he had worked a VK during an activation.

    John CT2GSN/p SOTA CT/ MN-027

    DL8ECA/p DLFF-0817

    DQ44WCA DLFF-0580

    Luc ON7DQ/p SOTA ON/ ON-026

    Peter ON4UP/p SOTA ON/ ON-029

    Sven DK6HS/p SOTA DM/ RP-400

    Ingo DH5ST/p SOTA DM/ RP-413 and DLFF-0026

    Alain EA2/F5ODQ/p SOTA EA5/ AT-096

    Lutz DL3SBA/p SOTA DM/ NW-024
    Here is a video taken by Andrew VK1AD of Marija worjking Lutz.

    Martin OE5REO/p SOTA OE/ OO-376
    SUNDAY 17th APRIL 2022.

    Iratxe CT7/EA2DNO SOTA CT/ DL-001

    Bernardo EC1DD/p SOTA EA1/ PO-015

    Joaquin EC7AT/p EAFF-0571

    Miroslav OK1HBP/p OKFF-696

    Simon G7WKX/p and Nic M7NDC/p SOTA G/ SP-012

    Mikhail LY2BIS/p LYFF-0312

    Steve G4NVF/p and Dave G4AKC/p Bicycle mobile

    Christian DL3EC/p SOTA DL/ EW-059

    SATURDAY 16th APRIL 2022.

    DL20SOTA/p SOTA DM/ BW-857

    10th APRIL 2022.

    Danny OT4V/p ONFF-0302

    Ray S54X/p S5FF-0340

    Antonio EC2AG/p SOTA EA2/ BI-030

    Steve G4NVF/p and Dave G4AKC/p bicycle mobile

    9th APRIL 2022.

    Mihai OZ/YO6SM/p SOTA OZ/ OZ-008

    Sam F4GYG/p FFF-3216

    SP5KD/p SPFF-2363

    PA226FF PAFF-0226

    Hans DF9PE/p WCA DL-00079

    Claudio IZ1DME/p DC-CN305

    Stefano IU1GHC/p SOTA I/ PM-410

    Wlodek SP5Z SPFF-2364

    Harm PC5Z PAFF-0216

    8th APRIL 2022.

    Neil G0WPO/p SOTA G/ CE-005 & GFF 0058
    Absolutely great to get you yesterday on sota G/CE-005 Wendover Woods. Skip must have been just right for us with a 59 received and 57 sent contact.
    At my end KX3 and KXPA100 running 60w into shortened EFHW in inv vee config apex at 7m. Location was also WWFF GFF-0058 Chiltern Hills. Cheers Neil G0WPO.

    Rob 2E0AOO/p pedestrian mobile

    Steve G4NVF/p and Dave G4AKC/p bicycle mobile

    7th APRIL 2022.

    Jakob OZ7AEI/p OZFF-0027.

    This posting includes a media file: http://videos.files.wordpress.com/9Xm4qTK4/20220418_171736.mp4


    Posted: 26 Apr 2022 04:48 AM PDT

    On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April 2022, I was allocated the special
    call of VK90ABC for a second go around. Marija and I used the call back in February. VK90ABC is a special call to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation


    I had a bit of a sleep in on Saturday morning so I didnt get out to the
    shack until about 9.00 a.m. local time. That left me 3 hours to play on
    the radio before heading off to my grandson Flynns 1st birthday party.
    Most of my activity on Saturday morning was on the 10m band where I logged
    29 stations from the USA, New Zealand, Costa Tica, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Asiatic Russia. I then moved to 40m where I logged 29 Australian stations. I then headed to 20m where I logged 7 stations from
    VK2, VK4, New Zealand, and England. I was quite amazed to work Fred G0EHQ
    in England at 0214 UTC on 20m on the long path.
    It was time to jump into the shower and head off to Flynns birthday party.

    I got home from the party at about 5.00 p.m. local time. After arriving
    home I had a bit of fun on 20m on the long path, working a number of
    stations in Europe and the United Kingdom, and the USA on the short path. During Saturday evening I logged some VK stations on 40m and 80m, and then
    had a lot of fun working a stack of USA stations on 20m on the short path.
    By the end of Saturday I had 278 QSOs in the log, including 35 different
    DXCC entities.
    On Sunday morning I kicked off on the 10m band once again, where I worked a number of North American stations and about 100 Japanese stations. The
    band conditions on 10m were terrific.
    Below is a video of the pile-up I had going into Japan on 10m.

    On Sunday afternoon I worked a very big pile-up on the long path to
    Europe. Below is a video showing the pile-up as heard in my shack.

    And here is a video taken by Peter VK3YE in Victoria who was listening in
    to me in Victoria.

    All up over the 1 & 1/2 days, I logged a total of 770 stations which
    included 57 different DXCC entities.
    The majority of my contacts were on the 20M band as the graph below shows.

    I worked the following countries:-

    Asiatic RussiaAustraliaAustriaAzoresBalearic IslandsBelarusBelgiumBosnia-HerzegovinaBulgariaCanadaCanary IslandsCeuta & MelillaChinaCosta RicaCroatiaCzech RepublicDenmarkEnglandEstoniaEuropean RussiaFederal Republic of GermanyFinlandFranceGreeceHungaryIndiaIndonesiaIrelandIsle of ManItalyJamaicaJapanLithuaniaLuxembourgMaltaMarshall IslandsMexicoNetherlandsNew ZealandNorthern IrelandNorwayPanamaPhilippinesPolandPortugalRepublic of KoreaRomaniaScotlandSlovak RepublicSpainSwedenSwitzerlandThailandTrinidad & TobagoUnited StatesWales
    The map below shows my contacts around the world.

    Conditions on the long path

    (LP) on 20m on both Saturday and Sunday into
    Europe and the United Kingdom were excellent. The short path into Europe
    was virtually non-existent.
    The map below shows my contacts into Europe and UK on the LP on 20m.

    I made just a handful of North American contacts on 40m. The majority of
    my USA and Canadian contacts were on the 20m band and the 10m band.
    The map below shows my North American QSOs.

    There was a very nice opening on 10m on Sunday morning to Japan, with
    nearly 100 Japanese stations logged. The map below shows my 10m Japanese

    I logged a total of 176 VK stations and 14 New Zealand stations over the 2
    day period.

    THANK YOU to everyone who called.

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