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    The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

    Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2212


    The 6CL6-807 Transmitter, A 160 Meter Antenna Hybrid Design, SmallDV FreeDV
    for Raspberry Pi, EA2CW Nanokeyer, SW-3B QRP CW RTX, FreeDV - Digital Voice
    for HF bands, Ionospheric Propagation of Radio Waves, Ukrainian Amateur
    Radio League UNGO, Ham Radio Equipment The Basics, QRP Transceiver for 15m,

    AnyRig A Flexible Digital Mode Interface

    Posted: https://www.dxzone.com/dx34820/anyrig-a-flexible-digital-mode-interface.html

    Technical Reference/Sound Card Radio Interfacing
    This project uses an inexpensive Teensy microcontroller as the core of a flexible interface that provides a high-fidelity sound card and VOX
    functions for controlling the radio.The interface firmware supports
    variable VOX delay, CW and RTTY keying via audio (such as is available from Fldigi), and RTS and DTR control of any keying function, all via a single
    USB connection to the PC.

    Learn Morse Code as a language


    Operating Modes/Morse code/Learning Morse Code
    A review of the most popular and traditional methods to learn morse conde
    and a different method that foreseen to learn 100 most common words in CW

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