• [MW1CFN] What did YOU do on World Amateur Radio Day?

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    Real-World Amateur Radio

    What did YOU do on World Amateur Radio Day?

    Posted: 19 Apr 2022 06:40 AM PDT https://mw1cfnradio.blogspot.com/2022/04/what-did-you-do-on-world-amateur-radio.html

    I set-off yesterday afternoon to do a spot of 15m portable from the
    lakside. Though conditions turned out to be fairly poor, I had one
    extremely exciting and unexpected contact - with a 6 year old boy and his father!15m from the lake on WARD.

    I came across the boy, who was busy saying 'hello' from a distance, with an outstretched hand. I gave him a big thumbs up. He asked what I was doing. I told him I was sending signals to the other side of the world; would he
    like to see the radio? 'Oh yes!', came an excited reply. His father was nodding his thanks for being kind.

    I opened the silver box. He was amazed. I showed him the simple wire we use
    to send the signals. 'Can you turn it up to two...million?', he
    stuttered. 'Sure', I said. 'I can turn it up a little bit more than that, even'. 'Waaaw', came the incredulous response.
    I then got rewarded for my effort by being shown a series of toy metal cars
    he was carrying in his pockets.
    Maybe one day, he'll remember the meeting, and try radio for himself?
    Let's hope so.

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