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    This Week in Amateur Radio

    PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1207

    Posted: 17 Apr 2022 08:15 PM PDT

    Release Date: April 16, 2022 Here is a summary of the news trending This Week...
    This posting includes a media file: https://twiar.net/TWIARHAM.mp3

    Feds go to court in Portland to collect $2.8M fine against HobbyKing for marketing unauthorized drone transmitters (Oregon)

    Posted: 17 Apr 2022 08:08 PM PDT

    The U.S. government Thursday filed a civil action in federal court in
    Portland against drone...

    IARUMS newsletter - Military intruders in ham radio bands

    Posted: 17 Apr 2022 06:53 PM PDT

    IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 newsletter reports during March, likelyas a consequence of the...

    Ham radio operator reflects on 40-year hobby (Indiana)

    Posted: 17 Apr 2022 06:50 PM PDT

    Peru resident Bill McAlpin said he vividly remembers being a kid and
    someone giving his...

    When all else fails, amateur radio rescues people in distress (Pakistan)

    Posted: 17 Apr 2022 06:43 PM PDT

    Modern communication systems may seem robust, but they prove useless during disasters for want of...

    Space Weather Update: X1.1 solar flare

    Posted: 17 Apr 2022 06:36 PM PDT

    Two major sunspot regions (2993 and 2994) have now rotated onto the earth-facing solar disk....

    Launch into more: Gloversville school club prepares students for more than careers in STEM (New York)

    Posted: 17 Apr 2022 06:25 PM PDT

    Once a weather balloon is launched – payload attached – Gloversville Middle School science teacher...

    via HACKADAY: Can You Help Solve the Mystery of This 1930s TV?

    Posted: 16 Apr 2022 05:06 PM PDT

    84 years ago, a teenager built a TV set in a basement in Hammond,

    Space Weather Update: A large sunspot region is about to rotate onto the earth-facing disk

    Posted: 16 Apr 2022 05:04 PM PDT

    Out of nowhere yesterday we were surprised by M-class solar activity. A
    sunspot region that...

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