• [DXZone] Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2211

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    The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

    Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2211


    Digital Mode calling frequencies, The definitive guide to RF Power
    measurement , Operating EME on two meters band, QRP is for Beginners, Guide
    to your first steps in CW, A Simple Dual-band Transceiver, BITX QRP RTX,
    QRP - Low Power Operating ARRL, Two Tone Generator, Specan Spectrum analyzer

    TX5N Raivavae, Austral Islands


    DX Resources/DX Peditions/2022 DXpeditions
    TX5N DX-peditionto Raivavae, Austral Islands, April 16 April 28, 2022

    Automatic Arduino Antenna Switch


    Technical Reference/Arduino
    A Programming-Free Automatic Arduino Antenna Switch project published on NCJ

    Arduino Nano and si5351 Digital VFO/BFO

    Posted: https://www.dxzone.com/dx34807/arduino-nano-and-si5351-digital-vfo-bfo.html

    Technical Reference/Arduino
    A kit Digital VFO with pre-soldered surface mount parts and burned-in
    firmware, a scratch build with Arduino Nano, C code with modifications, and
    a Silicon Labs si5351 PLL clock generator on a breakout board.

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