• [KC5FM] Where are the #teamJesus #hamradio nets?

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    Where are the #teamJesus #hamradio nets?

    Posted: 06 Apr 2022 12:00 PM PDT http://kc5fm.blogspot.com/2019/01/where-are-teamjesus-hamradio-nets.html

    It seems to me that Jesus would have been an amateur radio operator,
    though, realistically, He would not need a radio, Twitter, Facebook,
    LinkedIN, or Google+ technology to reach the hearts and minds of men.
    However, I'm a Christian ham ... a member of the Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship and have participated in the Bible Fellowship Net.
    Here's some others who mix their hobby with the Faith.
    Idaho Christian Resources - Amateur Radio and Christian Links, MP3's and
    PDF Files
    "Sunrise Bible Study Group"
    Hams for Christ
    "World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners"
    "Ambassadors for Christ Net meets daily on 7.280 MHz. Monday thru Friday at 18:00 UTC, Saturday at 19:00 UTC"
    A number of RemoteHams stations are dedicated to Christian Networks. Can't reach your favorite net because of propagation? Check the remotes.
    Are there others?

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