• [WB4SON] Park #51 in Rhode Island Activated

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    Park #51 in Rhode Island Activated

    Posted: 02 Apr 2022 12:35 PM PDT

    I had forgotten how long it had been since my last activation (November 9, 2021), and how nice it was to be outside.  My wife, dog Jaclyn, and I drove
    to Beach Pond (K-6980) which is on the boarder of CT and RI.  It was nice
    just to be there for a bit, even though the wind was blowing right at us
    and the temp was around 45.  I had moved the battery inside (a 16 AH
    LiFePO4 battery) over the winter, but the IC-7300 was still in the garage.  Thankfully everything still worked!

    Despite a minor storm from a solar flare and a long duration event, 20
    meters was in great shape for a single hop from the Carolinas down and a
    bit into the mid west.  In fact the pileup was rather thick.  22 nice folks stuck around long enough for me to get them in the log.
    Parked right next to the sign can see the HamStick on the mag mount on top
    of my RAV4
    Our doggy companion Jaclyn LOVES Activations because it means a ride in the
    car and a walk around the park.

    As always, my thanks to the Parks On The Air people, especially the
    regional coordinators that deal with uploading logs!

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