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    So you want to complain ... #hamradio #ARRL

    Posted: 26 Mar 2022 07:53 AM PDT http://kc5fm.blogspot.com/2022/03/so-you-want-to-complain-hamradio-arrl.html

    Living in a Homeowners Association property or community with tower ordinances that won't allow your 50-foot tower? How about being a PART of
    your community, rather than a resident of it?For years, the author has
    served on community boards. One such board is your City Planning
    Commission. That group writes the planning and zoning items that residents
    are asked to observe.How about volunteering to serve on the board? When a
    ham wants to put up a 50-foot tower when only a 35-foot one is allow, would
    you want someone on the committee that understands the goal?In the years of service, not one ham has asked for a variance. Rather, there are more
    willing to complain. Nevertheless, folks are there to be helpful.Didn't
    get your variance or live in an HOA? RemoteHams is your ticket for
    worldwide communications worldwide. Set up your remote at a friends house
    who has a tall tall tower. Use RemoteHams to control it. Clubs, there's
    an idea for you for that ARRL grant program may provide. Isn't there a repeater already on that tall tall tower with room for an HF transceiver
    and antenna?Control is granted by administrators. Real time remote of frequency, mode, power, and even approving, removing, and banning users is provided.Was it Hannibal that said "I will find a way or make one"? Time
    to make a way.

    Joining the VOIP bandwagon #hamradio #ARRL #WorldAmateurRadioDay

    Posted: 26 Mar 2022 07:17 AM PDT http://kc5fm.blogspot.com/2022/03/joining-voip-bandwagon-hamradio-arrl.html

    The South Coast Amateur Radio Service has a number of ways to participate.
    See the note below for more information.
    Note: Complete user list at: http://voipnet.scarsvoip.com/users/
    Detailed Connect Log at: http://voipnet.scarsvoip.com/log.php
    Update Echo link at: http://www.echolink.org.
    IRLP http://www.IRLP.net.
    Send questions and comments to voip@scarsvoip.com.
    IRLP connects for this net are through Reflector 9614, ECHOLINK connects
    are through *SCARS* node 96140. AllSTAR 27404, DMR TG 3145983, D-STAR
    XLX004-J, FUSION YSF XLX004, and M17-SCS-J.
    Also, folks are welcome to connect to the Sunflower System. There, you may find a connection to a variety of special event stations, ex. World Amateur Radio Day on April 18, the VOIPWX net, or a local net.

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