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    John Moyle Field Day 2022 - postmortem

    Posted: 24 Mar 2022 02:34 AM PDT https://vk2kfj.blogspot.com/2022/03/john-moyle-field-day-2022-postmortem.html

    I went to QF46pu with the intention of working VHF and above, however
    after the first hour of calling and finding nothing and hearing nothing, (except for VK2LE/p on 146.500, but they could not hear me). Dave VK2JDS
    was tuning around 40metres and found lots of stations calling CQ Contest,
    so I started working the contest on 40metres, it was great fun, lots of
    strong signals, easy to work them. There were some serious stations out
    there, but also many casual contesters who liked a bit of a chat, which I
    was very obliging with.
    I was not doing the contest seriously, just give out some numbers. There seemed like there were many club groups and family groups, one op had his daughters doing the CQ calls while he made the contacts, so I was surprised
    by the number of young operators, both genders present, some of which had picked up the contest bug and operating very professionally and
    proficiently, which was great to hear.
    Over the 24 hour period I racked up 50 contacts, in between other
    projects, while realistically just having a bit of fun in the contest. I
    was operating under my other callsign VK2ABP, running the Icom 756 Pro2
    into a 80metre horizontal wire loop, strung out among the trees.
    Now that I had fun on a HF contest, I think I need to have a go at the RD Contest in August. I think I leave the VHF and above for the WIA VHF-UHF
    Field Day Contests.

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