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    WebSDR Roma2 Online Radio


    Internet and Radio/WebSDR
    Online websdr receiver based in Rome Italy provides a nice user web
    interface and receiver most of the amateur radio HF bands

    Ham Census


    Ham Radio/Resources
    What do amateur radio operators worldwide, think of their passion?

    What do we wish for? What are we frustrated about? How many of us are
    active, versus those that are taking a break? Do we have favorite radios, antennas, or even favorite cw paddles? Do we prefer one contest over

    The best way to find out is if we all participate in Ham Census. Join in
    and let all amateur radio operators know your thoughts "share your views"
    then you can find out what everyone else is thinking, in real time.

    Help shape the future of ham radio by participating in the world's most complete survey of amateur radio.

    Square Halo Antenna for 10 and 20 Meters

    Posted: https://www.dxzone.com/dx34787/square-halo-antenna-for-10-and-20-meters.html

    How to build a limited space 10 and 20 meter band Square Halo DX antenna. A horizontally polarized antenna for 10 and 20 meter band, which is suitable
    for a limited space.

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