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    Posted: 14 Mar 2022 07:12 AM PDT https://www.kb6nu.com/qsls-vu2lid-wb4it/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    Here are the latest QSLs received for my collection of QSLs from stations
    whose calls spell words.

    I love this QSL from Brian, WB4IT. The yellowhammer is the state bird of Alabama, and what a handsome bird it is. As the card says, Alabama is known
    as The Yellowhammer State. Brian also writes, Your book helped me get
    licensed, and Im glad to have you in the log.

    I actually worked N8LI, not VU2LID, but since thats Salims call in India,
    Im going to add this to my collection of QSLs whose callsigns spell words. Despite the call, Salim is certainly not a LID. Hes a great CW operator.

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