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    Lets get a healthy debate going shall we.....

    Posted: 13 Mar 2022 11:12 AM PDT http://ve3wdm.blogspot.com/2022/03/lets-get-healthy-debate-going-shall-we.html

    Everyone is aware of what is going on in Ukraine with the Russian invasion. Each day we hear of new sanctions and boycotts regarding Russia. In Amateur radio circles I have heard opinions from both sides regarding contacting Russian stations or not. The RSGB has made it very clear that they will not accept Russian or Belarus entrants in any RSGB contest. At this point in
    time, I don't believe the ARRL or RAC has made any statements regarding
    Russian amateurs?
    Here is my question, coming up next weekend is a very popular Russian
    contest for both CW and SSB the Russian DX contest. In the past, I have
    seen lots of participation on the bands regarding this contest and it has a very good turn out of Russian hams. Are you going to take part this year or boycott it? I have read both sides on this one, how ham radio and politics should be separate. Or ham ops also need to boycott as well to send a consistent message to Russia. This is the first time as a ham that I have
    run across this issue does participating in the contest show support for
    what Russia is doing or does it show we support Russian hams by
    participating and allowing world events to remain a separate issue? What
    are your thoughts on the RSGB banning Russia and Belarus? Are you going to take part in the upcoming contest and if you are not a contest fan are you still contacting hams from Russia or Belarus? Should the ARRL or RAC come
    up with a position either way? Finally, I would ask those who do comment
    to keep it polite and realize we all have an opinion that we may not agree with. I also will delete any inappropriate comments. I always think a good healthy debate is a good thing.

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