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    The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

    Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2206


    Coaxial Dipole Antenna, Cobweb Antenna, The Story of the Broadband Dipole,
    Zone Check Interactive Map, Decoding hand-sent Morse Code with Arduino,
    Morse code practice, HAMRS

    Spy Numbers Stations


    Shortwave Radio/Numbers stations
    Spy Numbers Stations are shortwave radio stations that are speculated to
    have been broadcasting since World War I. The true origin and purpose of
    them are unknown. A popular theory is that these stations are intended for spies in the field using a One Time Pad. Another theory is that they are
    used in drug smuggling operations.

    Tropospheric Ducting


    In the spring and during certain climatic events, radio waves can travel
    long distances due to an atmospheric phenomenon called Tropospheric Ducting.

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