• [VK2TPM] Digital modes with a Xiegu-G1M and DigiRig

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    Digital modes with a Xiegu-G1M and DigiRig

    Posted: 20 Aug 2021 10:18 PM PDT http://blog.marxy.org/2021/08/digital-modes-with-xiegu-g1m-and-digirig.html

    Prompted by carrying too much equipment on a SOTA outing, I purchased a new
    low cost QRP transceiver from China. The Xiegu-G1M is very small and was dwarfed by the SignaLink USB I normally use for digital interfaces so I
    sent off for the new Digirig interface and have been working to get it
    going.As there's no VOX I need to control PTT via CAT. The G1M manual is
    rather vague about CAT control and

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