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    Would you buy an antenna tuner from Amazon?

    Posted: 31 Jul 2021 06:46 PM PDT http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/kb6nu/tVpu/~3/hVm46fWUY-I/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    I buy a fair amount of electronics stuff from Amazon. Not big items, but
    stuff like BNC-to-binding post adapters and the SMA-BNC adapters for my
    HTs. So, I shouldnt have been surprised when I got an email from them three weeks ago titled, KKmoon ATU-100 DIY Kits The email included link to two ATU-100 antenna tuner kits, several assembled antenna tuners, and three QRP antenna tuner kits. See below.

    I think that the ATU-100 kits look kind of cool. For about $50, you get a
    100 W, automatic tuner kit.

    My question, though, would be how effective and reliable are these antenna tuners? Has anyone purchased and used one of them? If so, perhaps you could
    get in touch with me, and we could do a short review.

    KKmoon ATU-100 DIY Kits 1.8-50MHz ATU-100 Mini Automatic Antenna $55.99

    NOTE: A reader has reported that this link no longer works. If you go to Amazon, and search for AT-100 youll find at least one other similiar kit.

    SDRGEEK ATU-100 EXT 1.8-55MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner by N7DDC 77,


    Zerone 1-30 Mhz Manual Antenna Tuner kit for HAM RADIO QRP DIY Kit


    Automatic Antenna Tuner,ATU-100 EXT 1.8-55MHz 100W Shortwave Mini


    Vbestlife Automatic Antenna Tuner Aluminum Alloy Tester C Type


    TecMad ATU-100 EXT 1.8-55MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner by N7DDC


    HAM HF Band Radio Antenna Balun QRP Tuner Amateur DIY kit NXO-100


    HF Transceiver Kit Manual Antenna Tuner Tune DIY Precision Kit 1-30


    WSDMAVIS 1 Set 1.8-50 MHz ATU-100 Automatic Antenna Tuner DIY Kits


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