• Re: Has anyone here tried the Tiny-Tenna?

    From John Newby@21:1/5 to cuh...@webtv.net on Tue May 30 04:50:33 2023
    On Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 9:16:11 AM UTC-5, cuh...@webtv.net wrote:
    I think mine was DOA.A few years ang the guy who makes and sells them
    told me in this here very self same rec.radio.shortwave newsgroup that perhaps I didn't have it hooked up right.I had read the instructions
    that came with my sooper dooper Tiny Tenna when it showed up at my
    house.I had installed a new fresh 9 volt battery in the little battery
    holder clip and I tried it out on a bunch of my old radios, exactly like
    the instructions said to do, but I didn't notice any improvement at
    all.You can build one yourself for only a few dollars worth of parts,
    Radio Shack stores probably have the parts you will need.Yes indeed, the Amazing Tiny Tenna Amplified Radio Antenna! Get yours today!
    I checked and apparently they don't sell them anymore. Actually, both the Tiny-Tenna and the Pill Bottle Antenna Tuner they had were pilfered from Doug DeMaw's "QRP Notebook".

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