• Wherezzzzz Jo Reggelt?

    From Jo Reggelt Hate Club@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 28 10:47:53 2022
    Jo Reggelt can’t afford to keep his unbelievable horseshit® website
    going and was one of those
    whingeing Pom elitist shitheads over at ENIGMA 2000,
    had his ass hole sewn shut, for all
    the horseshit®, that flows from his mouth, apparently he doesn't know his
    ass from a hole
    in the ground.

    Just like those elitist shitheads over at ENIGMA 2000 who's unsigned
    cheap-ass editorial
    "copyright" prick cocksucker Queen’s Jubilee Honours List MBE wannabe shithead leader jerks off uncontrollably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    73, you "copyright" prick shitheads® cocksuckers

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