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    This was just the kind of information I was looking for , thanks so much for
    Your help!

    So there's no point in using the cable for the "Extra" DX-BC (AM/FM) Filtering Circuitry for other receivers then the FRG-7700 ,then?

    If the radio/receiver has dual antenna inputs the FRT-7700 can be use
    with both of the radio's antenna inputs. Then the Radio's Antenna
    Selection Switch (A/B or 1/2) can be used to select one of the two
    outputs (DX-BC or SW BC) from the FRT-7700.
    REMEMBER: The FRT-7700 has its own Antenna Selector Switch (A/B) on
    its front panel. So the FRT-7700 can be set-up to 'match' and 'tune'
    both an External Random Wire Antenna for Shortwave and a Indoor Loop
    Antenna for AM/MW.

    First and foremost I am going to use the FRT-7700 with a Grundig Satellit 400. A very capable, smooth, and sensitive radio. But the Satellit 400 easily overloads , and needs a little help when trying to cope with wire-antennas and such....

    The FRT-7700 is has 'selectable' 0, 10, 20, 40 and 60 dB Attenuator on
    its front panel to help in dealing with antenna overload.

    Greetings, Knut Otterbeck, Oslo - Norway

    ~ RHF
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    Very useful information from all contributors. I am resurrecting my communication receivers' interest, considering the ICOM's 8600, and in the process resurrecting the potential use of the FRT-7700, which has been sitting in its box since several years,
    having tried (to negligible effect – although I blame my ignorance in it use) it on the NRD-535. Thank you all for this forum. Elias, UK

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