• Ukraine shortwave 6140 kHz

    From Marco Moock@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 8 18:56:20 2022
    XPost: alt.current-events.ukraine

    Just to inform you, today 17:50 UTC on 6140 kHz the Ukrainian service
    was audible, same talks as 657 kHz, confirmed via Twente WebSDR.

    I didn't find any information about the transmitter location yet, but
    according to the coordinates from their MW services one of these sites
    might be the source of that broadcasts:

    49°53'57.0"N 24°40'52.0"E
    49.63103311567253, 36.11052762390446
    46.79836717759558, 32.21471102398277
    46.98898707470422, 30.88695504763609

    kind regards

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