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    Another night of AM Dxing

    Posted: 21 Feb 2022 12:42 AM PST https://vk5pas.org/2022/02/21/another-night-of-am-dxing/

    On 17th February 2022, I did another night of Medium Wave DXing. This time
    I logged sixteen

    (16) Australian stations and one

    (1) confirmed overseas
    station China National Radio CNR6, and possibly two

    (2) other overseas

    (not confirmed).
    531 kHz Radio Italiano

    500 wattstransmitter located at WINGFIELD.
    558 kHz 4AM Mareeba, QUEENSLAND.

    5KWJust readable. Interference from ABC Radio on same frequency2140 km
    567 kHz 2BH Broken Hill, NEW SOUTH WALES.

    500 wattsFirst on air on 30th June 1934446 km
    585 kHz 2WEB, The Voice of The Outback.

    639 kHz 5CK Crystal Brook, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

    837 kHz 4RK Rockhampton, QUEENSLAND

    ABC1,744 km
    855 kHz ??? SAUDI ARABIA ???

    extremely difficult copy due to ABC Radio on the same frequency.Middle
    Eastern music.
    900 kHz 2LT Lithgow, NEW SOUTH WALES.

    909 kHz China National Radio CNR6

    945 kHz Unidentified

    Unidentified Chinese language station.only heard momentarily mostly
    drowned out by RSN racing station on the frequency
    1125 kHz Radio Reading Service, Canberra, ACT

    1143 kHz 4HI Emerald, QUEENSLAND.

    5KWmusicinterference from 2HD Newcastle on the frequency1,591 km
    1161 kHz 5PA Narracoorte, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

    ABCVery strong signal.
    1179 kHz 3RP Vision Australia

    5KWcoverage of Russia/Ukraine crisis
    1413 kHz Vision Christian Radio, Shepparton, VICTORIA.

    500 wattsChristian musicLots of interference from 2EA SBS Radio on the same frequency.
    1476 kHz 4ZR Roma, QUEENSLAND.

    intereference from 5MG Mount Gambier on the frequency
    1503 kHz 3KND, Melbourne, VICTORIA.

    Cool N Deadlyindigeneous station5KW
    1557 kHz Wild Country, Renmark SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

    500 wattscountry and western style music
    1611 kHz Vision Christian Network, VICTORIA

    400 wattsreligious content
    Below is a short video showing some of the stations I heard.

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