• Re: Advice sought on Sony ICF-SW40

    From Edwin van Leverink@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 27 09:58:07 2021
    I fixed the poor sound. The magnet in the speaker was moved. So the coil was scratching against the magnet. This speaker needs to be replaced. My radio only works on FM, AM and SW does not work at all. The frequency jumps randomly back while rotating up.
    Please advice. The capacitors seem to be okay.

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  • From CARLOS CRUZADO@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 9 10:10:01 2023
    El sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009 a las 21:01:08 UTC+2, SB escribió:
    I have acquired a Sony ICF-SW40 radio. The rotary tuning knob on the
    side of the unit is faulty. When I rotate it in a given direction,
    the frequency setting doesn't change in a linear fashion but hops in indiscriminantly sized steps in either direction up or down. This is
    true for all three bands. Hence tuning is very unreliable.
    How is the tuning wheel coupled inside the radio?
    Could this be an issue with excess dirt / lack of lubricant in the
    tuning mechanism?
    Has anyone experienced this kind of problem before and how was it

    I had the same problem with the tuning and I have solved it by reviewing the welding of the rotary knob.
    Be sure to download the service manual in order to disassemble your sw-40 properly.
    In my case, it was a problem of bad welding of the rotary, I have not cleaned anything.

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