• 12160 KHz coming in great in NC

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    12.160 MHz is coming in great in NC this AM - finally.
    I'm listening to Joyce "The World's Angriest Nurse" Reily
    on 12.160 right now, dispensing her quack medical advice
    to her trailer trash listeners. Got to give her credit, she does
    know how to sell bullshi+ and market quack cures to complete morons.
    Wonder how many of you out there have figgured out that
    The Power Hour is a cleverly packaged Shortwave Infomercial
    for overpriced products that smack of medical quackery?
    (I'm listening right now to some guy on there who claims his product
    cures stage-4 cancer.....what utter nonsense! Almost as bad
    as Benny Hinn and his faith-healing tacky TV cavlcade of crapola)
    ... Just in time for Scriptures For America Worldwide at 12:00 EDT,
    16:00 UTC.
    ...better know of the 1st church of the xian
    aryan nazis of CO. "Praze jeebzus sieg heil!"

    I heard just a tiny bit this morning on 9985 and he is continuing his
    study into the King James Only Deception. I think he may be on tape 3 or
    4 of eleven at this time. You'd be surprised the depth he goes into
    and all the things that are involved in this deception -- and why!
    The bible has been revised and changed almost a dozen times
    since the original text was penned. Anyone who thinks the version
    they read is accurate it is a f-cking fool.
    Hope you enjoy it and learn much about the methods of the snakes in the process! :-)
    You can hear all the snakes you want 24/7 on domestic shortwave.
    I just wish I had a load of quack products to sell these morons for big $$$ too!

    Greetings lost sheep of the house of Israel!

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