• victim of remote neural monitoring

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    I am victim of RNM. I s there anyway i can survive from RNM?. I am planning to suicide if there is no way to escape from it. Is there any kind of device that blocks RNM ELF waves?. DO you know any survivers
    of Remote neural monitoring?

    please go through



    awaiting for your reply,
    I am Vishnu working in achronix, located in bangalore ITPL. I am also the victim of RNM(Remote Neural monitoring) I don't know since when, but they started black mailing me recently. They are forming a team with a group of people who are not much
    educated. Please call me on 8712823599, so that we can find some solution for this.

    I obtained source code and some information on the technology. I'm looking for someone to build tracking technology for it. I had people torturing me for 3+ years and they are still going now. jbest@lotnllc.com is my email

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