• =?utf-8?Q?That_little_chickenshit_Cyber_st?= =?utf-8?Q?alker_and_troll_

    From =?UTF-8?B?XCJmcmVkIGsuID0/VVRGLTg/Q@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 7 16:13:56 2021
    That little chickenshit Cyber stalker and troll cocksucker is back posting
    more sicko goat fetish pervasion horseshit® https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1d/Internet_Troll_-_Unworded.jpg

    To all other responsible Usenet readers, please help stop this goat fetish Cyber stalker Keven Albert Strum, WB4AI0, aka et al. troll who posts
    horseshit® and posts More Hateful and violent content and steals
    or makes up Usenet addresses
    Please report it to the following:
    Astraweb Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”)
    X-Complaints-To: abuse@aioe.org

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