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    The latest March 2021 horseshit® Newsletter from Those whingeing Pom
    elitist shitheads®over at ENIGMA 2000 via their unsigned editorial cheap-ass dumb
    shithead leader is now full of more spy mania bullshit and more fanatical
    This along with a "book review" of more rehash WW 2 UK crap and a
    George Blake was a shit of the highest degree "Editorial"!!!!!!!
    Being whingeing Pom elitist shitheads®over at ENIGMA 2000 they
    don't care about giving more horseshit® trash talk about Comrade Kim Jong Un!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    https://i.redd.it/pmt31clyovb31.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRlw-YOw2rw
    The ENIGMA 2000 FAQ horseshit Newsletter Maintainer cheap-ass whingeing Pom elitist shitheads®
    will continue to throw out any shithead at Those whingeing Pom shitheads
    over at
    ENIGMA 2000 prick cocksuckers who don't eat up that spy mania bullshit and
    a fanatical hate of Russians!!!!!!!!!
    Their cheap-ass opinions are nothing more than
    highly valued horseshit®, to include in the
    latest horseshit® Newsletter.

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