• WG 55: clue E*A*S*Y by 13 Mar

    From Duke@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 5 10:22:53 2021
    Thanks for Kevin for running the last contest and picking my clue ahead of all the others -- and congratulations to him and his MIT Mystery Hunt team as well.

    Kevin's contest was quite a challenge -- I'm not proud of either of my entries -- so I thought, for the next one, we'd do something a little more easy. I invite you to write a clue for a word or phrase containing the letters of EASY, in that order, but
    possibly with words or spaces in between.

    The deadline is the end Saturday, March 13, where you are.

    The most important rule? Have fun.

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  • From Duke@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 26 21:53:19 2021
    Apologies for the delay. I'm almost there.

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  • From Duke@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 29 13:46:56 2021
    With repeated apologies for the delay, here are my thoughts about the WG55 entries. The winner is revealed at the end.

    From Kevin Wald:

    Ocean trip that keeps happening at a certain time of year (10)
    SEASONALLY: SEA SALLY with ON; def. is "at a certain time of year"

    Very nice: smooth surface and unimpeachable definition and wordplay.

    That pigpen is rife with fungus (6)
    YEASTY: YEA (as in "that thing is yea big") + STY, def. is "rife with fungus"

    I don't use "yea" much but it certainly can mean "that." Good misdirection, good clue.

    Assets of about 2000 pounds your country invested in lumber (8 5)
    TREASURY NOTES: rev. ("about") of TON YR US in TREES

    This was harder, I thought, but perfectly fair. "Pounds" misdirects nicely.

    From Luciano:

    Molly Maguires ultimately act, yes, violently (7) Luciano
    ECSTACY: anagram ("violenty") of S + ACTYES; def. is "Molly"

    Ah, Molly, what would we do without you? This is made stronger by the occasionally violent history of the Molly Maguires. Well done.

    Provocatively drink alone (9)
    TEASINGLY: TEA + SINGLY; def is "provocatively."

    Straightforward but fun.

    From David A:

    Elementary energy aligned with a combination of sulphur and yttrium (4)
    EASY, with four letters: E + A + S + Y. Right?

    This is an EASY clue, as clues with yttrium often are. But puzzles need easy clues.

    And the winner is....Kevin, by a nose, for Sally of the Seas. Runner-up, Luciano drinking provocatively.

    Thanks for playing.

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