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    From Mike Terry@21:1/5 to HenHanna on Sun Feb 11 03:24:46 2024
    On 05/02/2024 17:31, HenHanna wrote:
    On 2/4/2024 2:20 PM, HenHanna wrote:
    one GG feature i'll miss will be...   [Subscribe to Thread]

    once i've subscribed to a thread,  a new followup to the thread is sent by email to me.

    With a newsreader you should by default see all new posts soon after they arrive. Likely they will
    be highlighted, and you can use a short-cut key to move to the next unread post. (On Thunderbird
    that is "n" key I think.)

    If you know you don't want to see a particular thread, with Thuderbird you can select "ignore
    thread" or "ignore subthread" for a thread/subthread. That's supposed to make it just like those
    threads/subthreads never existed, and you'll only see new posts in unignored threads/subthreads. I
    guess that's the opposite way round to the GG "subscribe to thread" function...

    I don't see why you would want an email sent to you for any posts, other than the existing GG
    interface being so poor! Also, you can toggle a "show ignored posts" setting which shows/hides all
    the articles you've marked as ignored. There is a shortcut key to mark all posts in a thread as
    read (so they'll no longer be bold font in the thread pane, or show in the "unread posts" count for
    the thread.)

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    Someone (a guru at Eternal-September (?)) has this in his tagline:

    NOTE: If you use Google Groups I don't see you, unless you're whitelisted and that's doubtful.

    Most newsreader clients allow posts to be filtered. E.g. it is easy to filter out all posts
    originating from GG. A number of people have done exactly that, in order to avoid the copious spam
    posts originating from GG. Some have also allowed selected GG posters in their whitelist to avoid
    their blanket ban, i.e. because GG is obviously not /all/ spam. These sorts of decisions are down
    to individuals configuring their filter rules.


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