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      When sending Email, i can easily embed a JPG into the body of the msg.
                --------- i wish i could do that here.

    Before Google Groups, we used to create diagrams using ASCII characters.
    The rec.puzzles newsgroups was strictly text*. The best font to use
    on ASCII diagrams was a fixed-width font, where each character is the
    same width. Proportional fonts would often make the diagram unreadable.
    To show a picture (e.g., a *.jpg), one could put it on a website and
    post a link.

    Here is an example from many years ago:

    The 16 polyomino shapes shown below (forming the words "a little
    puzzle") are made out of 100 small unit squares. Fit together the pieces
    to form a 10 unit by 10 unit square. There are many ways to form the
    square if you are allowed to flip pieces over, but it is possible to
    make the square without flipping any pieces over. There is a picture of
    the puzzle at:


    (View the diagrams using a fixed-width font)

    [l] [i] [l]
    [a][a][a] [l] [t] [t] [l] [e][e][e]
    [a] [l] [i] [t][t][t] [t][t][t] [l] [e][e][e]
    [a][a][a] [l] [i] [t] [t] [l] [e]
    [a][a][a] [l] [i] [t] [t] [l] [e][e][e]

    [p][p][p] [u] [u] [z][z][z] [z][z][z] [l] [e][e][e]
    [p] [p] [u] [u] [z][z] [z][z] [l] [e][e][e]
    [p][p][p] [u] [u] [z][z] [z][z] [l] [e]
    [p] [u][u][u] [z][z][z] [z][z][z] [l] [e][e][e]

    Note that the two z's are formed out of two pieces each. Each piece
    looks like this:


    The rest of the letters (except for the dot on the "i") are one piece.

    <End Example>

    *I am now seeing your newsgroup posts in Thunderbird. Possibly you
    recently changed something that are allowing the posts through (e.g.,
    avoiding HTML or binary data).

    Carl G.

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