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    Review of "Sprachunterricht heute" by Horst Bartnitzky
    "Sprachunterricht heute" (Language Teaching Today) is a book by Horst Bartnitzky, a German professor of primary education and language didactics. The book, first published in 1987, has become a standard work in the field of language teaching for
    elementary and special education. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the history, principles, methods and goals of language teaching in German-speaking countries. It also provides practical examples, planning models and suggestions for classroom

    The book is divided into four main parts: 1) Language Teaching Yesterday and Today, 2) Areas of Language Teaching, 3) Planning Language Teaching, and 4) Evaluating Language Teaching. Each part consists of several chapters that cover different aspects of
    language teaching, such as oral and written language use, dealing with texts and media, multilingualism, curriculum development, assessment and feedback. The book is written in a clear and accessible style, with numerous illustrations, tables and
    diagrams. It also includes references to relevant literature and research.

    bartnitzky sprachunterricht heute pdf 15
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    The book is intended for students, teachers and teacher educators who are interested in language teaching at the elementary level. It reflects the current state of knowledge and practice in the field, as well as the challenges and opportunities that
    arise from social and technological changes. The book also encourages critical reflection and dialogue among language teachers and learners. The latest edition of the book (19th edition) was published in 2019 by Cornelsen Verlag GmbH.

    The book can be downloaded as a PDF file from the publisher's website for a fee of 15 euros. Alternatively, it can be borrowed from some libraries or purchased from online or offline bookstores.

    One of the main strengths of the book is its comprehensive and balanced approach to language teaching. The book does not advocate a single method or theory, but rather presents a variety of perspectives and options for language teachers to choose from.
    The book also acknowledges the diversity and complexity of language teaching contexts and learners, and encourages teachers to adapt their language teaching to the specific needs and interests of their students. The book also emphasizes the importance of
    fostering a positive and supportive language learning environment, where students can develop their linguistic and communicative competences in meaningful and authentic ways.

    Another strength of the book is its practical relevance and applicability. The book provides many examples of language teaching activities and tasks that can be used or adapted for different purposes, levels and topics. The book also offers guidance on
    how to plan, implement and evaluate language teaching in a systematic and reflective way. The book also includes useful tips and suggestions on how to deal with common challenges and problems that may arise in language teaching, such as motivation,
    differentiation, inclusion, assessment and feedback. The book also invites teachers to share their own experiences and ideas with other language teachers through online platforms and networks.

    A possible limitation of the book is that it may not cover all the aspects and issues that are relevant for language teaching in different countries and contexts. The book is mainly based on the German educational system and curriculum, which may differ
    from other systems and curricula in terms of goals, standards, content and organization. The book also focuses on language teaching at the elementary level, which may not be applicable or sufficient for language teaching at higher levels or for adult
    learners. The book also does not address some emerging topics and trends in language teaching, such as digital literacy, intercultural communication, critical literacy and global citizenship.

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