• ( 3-way Anagrammar) -- (DON'T give me the answers!) -- Pls give me a fe

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    ( 3-way Anagrammar) -- (DON'T give me the answers!) -- Pls give me a few more (easy) problems like these!

    The morning after, Mother Teresa
    found red spots of blood on her Bed-sheet.

    Answer: ( Saint, ____ , _____ )


    i made some easy problems.

    A. I scored big in a lottery, and currently possess fancy things.

    B. Finnegans Wake is the ____ story about these two topics.

    C. Tattoo pigments penetrate below the surface.

    D. During the flight, she had a cuppa and biscuits,
    when she was informed of ...

    E. A dog and a cat and a bee-like insect
    talked about exchanging the tips of their feet and legs.

    Braingle.com Brain Teaser of the Day =======================================================
    Ana-Grammar 3

    Each of the following sentences contains clues to a set of three words
    that are anagrams of each other

    (each sentence describes a different set).

    1) The jail keeper counseled the prisoners not to stray beyond the barricade.

    2) Due to the warning, Mary had to change her plans to arrive at a future time.

    3) The crippled man had eggs and toast for his breakfast.

    4) Paul was not excited about making large bundles of black rope.

    ------------- The last one was too hard for me !!!

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