• Photograph sticks in the air --> more Horizontal sticks than Vertical

    From henhanna@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 1 20:03:20 2023
    Is the following true? (is there another phenom. like it?)

    ..... If you throw a handful of sticks in the air
    and photograph them

    there will be a lot more sticks oriented in the horizontal
    plane than in the vertical.


    Here is a simple experiment you can do to prove this:

    1. Take a handful of sticks and throw them in the air.

    2. Take a photo of the sticks as they are falling.

    3. Count the number of sticks that are oriented horizontally and the number of sticks that are oriented vertically.

    You will likely find that there are more sticks oriented horizontally than vertically.

    ----------- What's the ratio like ???

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