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    The answers to the definitions below have something in common: Each is
    a 2-word phrase in which the first word ends with "L" and the last
    word begins with "L".

    Famous baseball group ____L L_____
    (Answer: National League)

    (1) Attorney in court ____L L____

    (2) Best spot ____L L_____

    (3) Bookworms' hangout ____L L_____

    (4) Moment of forgetfulness ____L L_____

    (5) Truck's maximum capacity ____L L_____

    (6) Quick, unobtrusive glance ____L L_____

    (7) Storage container in a school ____L L____

    People like Enya, Sade: _____S S_____

    Oranges at Discount: _____S S_____

    Earnest Pupils: _____S S_____

    Those who can make Aprons, etc.
    at Break-neck speeds: ____S S___

    High-handed Enchantress: _____S S_____

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