• (ling.) puzzle(s) about (singular Dice) --- "The dice is cast"

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    2 (ling.) puzzle-problems about (singular Dice) --- "The dice is cast"

    1. is this more common in the US ? (compared to UK, NZ, ...)

    2. Did this trend suddenly accelerate ? -- if so, when ?

    it's obvous why ppl woud avoid the word DIE
    (three reasons)
    ------------ which (one of them) could have a small elemetn similar to how in Asia ...
    --------- and in some nations, the 13th floor ....


    i was unaware of the [singular use] (of "dice") until just now !

    Usage notes
    --- The singular usage is considered incorrect by many authorities. However, it should be noted that The New Oxford Dictionary of English, Judy Pearsall, Patrick Hanks (1998) states that “In modern standard English, the singular die (
    rather than dice) is uncommon. Dice is used for both the singular and the plural.”
    ----- Die is predominant among tabletop gamers. <--- Good for them!!!


    Sports Illustrated ---
    Broncos HC Reveals What Makes CB Patrick Surtain II Special
    ---------- ... half of the field is almost unfathomable in the modern pass-obsessed NFL, where the dice is loaded against cornerbacks and defenders. (.4 days ago)

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