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    I have a few questions about NYC music culture in the 1920's.

    For example, did many men in the audience wear hats during the Piano concerts ?

    Can I email or call someone to ask questions like the following
    about the Aeolian Hall in NYC ?

    Piano concert at Aeolian Hall (NYC) in 1927 (1924--1929 or so)
    ----------- Was it Free Admission ?

    -------- (e.g.) This announcement below doesn't
    even mention anything about "Donations" etc.

    Could it be that the Admission (ticket) price was standard (like $10 or
    $20 in today's money), so it wasn't mentioned?


    Monday evening in Aeolian Hall Beryl Rubinstein will play
    Schumann's Phantasie in C, the Bach-Busoni organ prelude in E flat,
    Beethoven's twelve variations on a Russian dance tune and shorter
    numbers by Debussy, Liszt, Stravinsky and
    Albeniz, ............................

    ----------- Why doesn't it say WHAT TIME in the evening ?

    ------- Aeolian Hall is today most famous for being
    the venue at which Gershwin's [Rhapsody in Blue]
    premiered (with Gershwin at the Piano) in 1924.

    i'd also like to collect other tidbits (factoids) about the Aeolian Hall --
    -- like ...
    it's on the 3rd floor
    it seats 1100

    Other famous performances? or Lectures? --- did Lennon ever go there ?

    Thank you for any help or hints. HH

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