• How many people have solved the Rubik's Cube independently?

    From csobs47@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 9 10:25:31 2020
    When I was 11 (40 years ago) I spent the summer with my grandparents and a cube. I worked out a lot of moves but had to take the cube apart, rebuild it to solved and do the moves to find out exactly what was happening with the moves. I can’t remember
    how long it took, probably most of the summer but when I came back to school I was the only person who could solve it. I charged people 50 pence to teach them. Took about a week of lunchtimes for each person. I made a few quid before the books became big.
    I found this site because I too wondered how many people have actually solved it themselves. I may well have had Asperger’s as a kid because I could devote hours, days and weeks to something like this.

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