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    From henhanna@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 8 10:18:16 2022
    i just found this today... i'm not sure if i like it.

    When does the new word come out? Midnight UTC or ...... (late afternoon) your time

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    Today is puzzle number 191. The nearest word has a similarity of
    66.52, the tenth-nearest has a similarity of 51.62 and the one
    thousandth nearest word has a similarity of 33.72.


    You found it in ..... ! The secret word is ........... . Feel free to keep
    entering words if you are curious about the similarity to other words.
    Share and play again tomorrow..

    It's my first time playing this. After like the first ten guesses I finally found the FAQ section that explained what "similarity" means in this context, which before that I took literally and not in context (heh) so the number just confused me.

    >>> By "similarity", we really mean "used in similar contexts". The principle was articulated by John Rupert Firth, who wrote, "[Y]ou shall know a word by the company it keeps."
    So, "love" and "hate" may seem like opposites, but they will often score similarly.

    The actual opposite of "love" is probably something like "Arizona Diamondbacks", or "carburetor".

    ----------- this last comment is pretty nice !!!

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