• How To Calculate Cube Roots In Your Head --- 14 M views

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    How To Calculate Cube Roots In Your Head

    (good for numbers up to 999, 999 * )


    omg... how much is this guy getting for the 14 M views ?


    M Chapman 1 year ago (edited) --------- I have a math degree, worked with numbers my entire career. I’ve never seen this before, it’s very interesting. I love math, in school I would make up my own problems and
    solve them.....for fun. I’m helping my 10 year old grandson with his math homework and will show this to him. It may give him a leg up on his future classes.

    lost in the woods 1 year ago (edited) ----------- These are quite common vedic tricks in Indian education specially among students preparing for competative exams as we need to be very fast in our calculations. You can
    look for other tricks too in youtube.

    --------------- Yes... what's another good one ?

    Naturally i already know about ( 305 ^ 2 ) and ( 3205 ^ 2 ) etc.

    Here is how to memorize 19×19 multiplication table.

    so i guess Indian kids memorize the19×19 multiplication table,
    and know tricks to use that to multiple large numbers

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