• Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse

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    Another breakthrough, a page with a L shaped slash of water. Mountain picture on the long end of the L.
    Chess/kinight piece connection, the way a knight moves, L-shaped. Well water, and the shape was the give away, water is a treasure of a type and what do you use to find water? A Dowsing rod, ised to find treasure of some type. I saw a water department
    employee using two L shaped dowsing rods to locate water mains.
    Anyway, the the long end of the L dowsing rod points to the water/mountai /treasure. Obviously possible Nemo confirmation.
    I'm still thinking about the broken glass in the picture, the page number, if ten is mentioned in the text on the other page. Shape of the glass?

    If anyone is interested in the one and only true solution to "Treasure In Search of the Golden Horse" Check out "Case# 735" on eBay or www.case735.com. This is the real deal not some Captain Nemo B S. Hold onto your socks. You are about to be amazed!

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    The contest is over...but I am still trying to understand the puzzle. So I am going to share some things in the hopes of gaining some ally's in the search,

    Here are what I think of as clues. Some seem to be agreed upon by past and hopefully present seekers:

    1. Circles
    2. Sunset
    3. Arch
    4. Fibonacci numbers (I believe they ID some clues)
    5. Chess

    To catch up, read the Captain Nemo Solution. Many believe this was just one solution. But they had to move the Horse of Gold, to an alternate sight because people involved in the project had figured out the original burial sight.

    I have one request of anyone with access to the laser disk version of the movie. If you could make a video of the chess section, it would be great. If not the whole video. I have the VHS version...but it doesn't have the chess section other than
    showing a Knight in the Courtyard chapter.

    From others research The Immortal Game is supposed to be featured. I would like to see the laserdisc version. Please contact me directly, if you don't want to post here. I'm really hoping I'm not alone.

    Also if a woman by the online handle Judy C is out there, Please, please, please contact me Badge...@gmail.com. I have questions about the Vigenere Cipher Tool and the two answers you reported. The first answer, actually works.


    Hey, Johnnie! I'm curious what "the nemo solution" actually is. I've done a quick google search and the only thing coming up is a physical puzzle box. Thanks!

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