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    "Focloir" always sounds to me as if it should mean "folklore", but of
    course it doesn't.

    Coincidence: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/foclóir

    my fav example is Anekdota -- Russians think that
    in English [Anecdote] means.......

    and how Germans (when speaking English) use the English word
    [Citation] to mean......

    Anekdota ==
    Unpublished or Secret Stories: This is the original
    meaning derived from Greek. "Anekdota" comes from the Greek words "a-"
    meaning "not" and "ekdidonai" meaning "to publish."

    So literally, it translates to "unpublished."

    Historically, it referred to secret or private stories, often critical
    or scandalous, that weren't meant to be made public.

    In Russian, "Anekdota" ( анекдот ) means......
    and they got it via French.

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