• Re: Verbal riddles with parallels outside English

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    On 6/3/2024 2:09 PM, Phil Carmody wrote:
    This probably ties in with the french "ne" thread, but that one has gone
    to the shitter.

    I was watching some Danish TV today, and it contained a riddle that translated exactly, solution included obviously, into English. I'll
    simplify, but nothing significant has been changed:

    I am greater than the greatest thing
    I am less than the least thing
    If you eat me, you will die
    What am I?

    The answer being "nothing", because nothing is blah-de-blah... etc.

    I was pleased, but not hugely surprised by the Danish and English correspondence, and wondered whether this was just a germanic wordplay.

    And we're right, aren't we Danes herein, Linda just ain't funny at all,
    is she?


    Ths doesn't wrok in French?

    i'm sure it can't work in Chinese or Japanese.

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